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        The Beautiful Trees with Lights in Mianyang Airport-the Scenery Line to Embellish Beautiful City of Mianyang and the Engine to Advance the Construction of National Civilized City

        2017-11-27 16:46
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        Since the passenger throughput of Mianyang airport exceeded 3 million people, people passing by the terminal area of Mianyang airport, passengers or citizens, have always couldn’t help themselves but feel comfortable and peaceful. It is because they can see the meteor lights on trees in both sides of the road every time they pass by.

        People can hear the roar of airplanes and the grating of galloping cars clearly every night in the airport, while the city at night seems more silent against these sounds at the same time. The appearance of meteor lights on trees not only creates a festive and peaceful atmosphere for the airport but also beautifies Mianyang’s environment, becoming a scenery line to embellish the city. They make every person passing by Mianyang airport feel the warmth and enthusiasm of the staff of Mianyang Civil Aviation so as to manifest the unique charm of civilized Mianyang.

        In recent years, Mianyang airport has been heartily participated in all kinds of drives of the establishment of national civilized city. It has made tremendous and fruitful endeavors in many aspects, ranging from the reconstruction of internal and external environments to the improvement of passenger service quality and flight guarantee capability, the perfection of boarding order, the increase of flight punctuality rate. Among which,  the reconstruction of internal and external environments includes the extension of station site, the upgrading of first-class cabin, manual check-in counter and gates for entering and leaving the airport, the expansion of airport lounge, the increase of security check channel, the addition of self-service check-in counter, the reconstruction of hardstand and the decoration of pickup and delivery passageway for entering and leaving the airport. Mianyang airport has improved the passenger throughput rapidly and also ensured the strong follow-up of all kinds of security work.

        Bathed in the autumn breeze of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Mianyang airport has always been working hard to build Mianyang into a city of innovation, vitality and hope so as to see beauty everywhere and feel happy near at hand.

        (The pictures show the gates for entering and leaving the airport after upgrading and the separated entrance and exit make things in order.)

        (The pictures show the newly-added manual and self-service check-in counters and the security check channels.)

        (The pictures show the newly-added waiting area and the waiting hall for fist-class cabins.)

        (The picture shows the extension operation of station site and the bottom part of the signpost chequered with red and white in the pickup passageway for entering the airport.)

        (The picture shows the clean and well-organized parking lot of Mianang airport.)

        (Zhang Jingyu from the office)

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