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        Liu Chao Holds the Special Session to Arrange the Promotion Work of Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang Inter-city Railway

        2018-06-29 10:55
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        Speed up the construction of the east-west trunk line of railway and build Mianyang's broad channel to the outside world

        (Mianyang News) (reporter Li Zhihao) On June 12, the deputy party secretary and mayor Liu Chao held a special meeting to study and promote the construction of Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang inter-city rail projects.

        In the meeting, Liu pointed out that the railway is the main artery of the national economy, as well as an important foundation and support for promoting a new pattern of comprehensive development and opening up. Speeding up the interconnection of major infrastructure like the railway and building a modern comprehensive transportation system is of great significance to promote the development of high quality economy and to better meet the growing needs of the people. Accelerating the construction of the Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang inter-city rail is not only a practical measure of implementing the "Sichuan Aspect" of Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristic for a new era but also an effective action of carrying out the spirit of the important speech of the secretary of provincial party committee Peing Qinghua, especially his remark on speeding up the construction of big channel to the outside world. In addition, the construction of this intercity rail is not only a concrete action of fully implementing Deepening Sichuan-Chongqing cooperation to Promote the development of the Yangtze Economic Belt but also an inevitable choice for our city to speed up the construction of the east-west main line of railway and to build a big channel to the outside world.

        In the meeting, Liu stressed that the Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang intercity railway is an important connecting line for Mianyang to be integrated into the "the Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River economic belt. After the completion of the project, Mianyang will open up the southward and eastward terrestrial passage and sea-lanes, easily connecting itself with the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay area, the Beibu Gulf and the Middle Yunnan Economic Zone and forming the north-south and east-west cross network of Mianyang railway. Therefore, it will effectively promote the economic and social development of the areas along the rail, further consolidating and promoting the important position of Mianyang in Sichuan's regional development pattern and opening up strategy.

        In the meeting, Liu stressed that we should seize the important opportunity of the new railway construction, especially the high-speed rail construction, and the important opportunity of strengthening the interconnection of the infrastructure between Sichuan and Chongqing; based on the requirement of "four-direction extension and all-areas opening", we should fully promote the early start of the Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang intercity railway, speed up the construction of the east-west trunk line of railway and focus on the construction of major passage to the outside. We should strengthen the coordination and linkage, communicate closely with the cities along the intercity railway line and strengthen coordination between the city-level and county-level and their departments; we should condense consensus, cooperate with each other and take our respective duties and responsibilities; we should further ensure the effective and orderly progress of the preliminary work of Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang inter-city rail. We should strengthen the overall planning and fully consider the engineering conditions and the actual economic and social development of our city; we should not only be based on the current situation, but also have a long-term view with scientific planning and meticulous demonstration; we should strengthen the comprehensive comparison and selection of technology and economy solutions, scientifically and rationally determine the route direction and site setting in Mianyang; we should further develop and benefit the economic development of the areas along the line and benefit more masses; we should strive to build the Mianyang-Suining-Neijianginter-city rail into a top-quality popular project which can stand the test of history.We should strengthen the guarantee of the elements and speed up the establishment of a scientific and effective guarantee mechanism; we should innovate the method of work, pay attention to the intensive conservation of resources and coordinate the demand for the resources of the project funds and construction land; we should fully prepare the early work of the project and lay a solid foundation for the early construction of the Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang intercity railway project.

        City leaders like Yan Chao, Luo Meng, Dong Hong, municipal government secretary-general Tan Gang attended the session.

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        The Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang intercity railway is the northern section of Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang-Zigong-Yibin intercity railway. It has been included in the National Medium and Long-term Railway Network Planning" and "the Plan for the Construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Intercity Railway (2015-2020 year). This line goes across the three major urban agglomerations, the Chengdu plain, Northeast Sichuan and South Sichuan; the line is connected with the Xi'an-Chengdu High-Speed Railway in the north and Chengdu-Lanzhou Railway, connected with Suining-Chongqing Railway, Dazhou-Chengdu Railway and planned Chengdu-Nanchong-Dazhou High-speed railway in the middle, and the South Sichuan Intercity Railway in the South. It is an important part of the intercity-railway network of Chengdu-Chongqing economic zone.

        The Mianyang-Suining-Neijiang intercity railway is designed with 250 km/h, starting from Anzhou station of Chengdu-Lanzhou Railway, crossing Mianyang urban area, Santai County, Shehong, Chuanshan, Anju, Anyue and then connecting the Neijiang-Zigong-Yibin railway, with the total length of 299.1 kilometers.

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